Possible Freeze Warning Tonight, January 10

According to the National Weather Service and Storm Team 2 Weather, a possible freeze warning is in effect for coastal communities and further inland has an elevated risk tonight, January 10.

Temperatures are projected to be around 33°, but a degree or two can make a difference for a frost event.

We have already posted articles about preparing for freezing weather (click here to read them).  Now is the time to implement your plans.

To take care of your outdoor plants:

  • Bring indoors any plants that you can move.
  • Hose down plants and shrubs that you can’t bring indoors.  Water is a natural insulator.
  • Cover more sensitive outdoor plants with fabric, bed sheets, burlap, or commercial frost cloths. Don’t use plastic. Click here to read more about protecting your plants.
  • Disconnect and store garden hoses.

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