32nd Annual SIPOA Arts & Crafts Exhibit

The 32nd Annual SIPOA Arts & Crafts Exhibit is on:

  • Friday, February 15, from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm and from 5: 00 pm until 7:00 you can meet the artists.
  • Saturday, February 16 from 10:30 am until 5:00 pm.

Exhibitors Wanted!

Display your artwork – all forms of it!  Our island is fortunate to have a growing number of artists, craftspeople, photographers, hobbyists and more. If you have artwork to display, we want you to show it as the Annual Arts and Crafts Show.

This year, each exhibitor can request up to 4 rack panels* or 2 tables**.  Please note, depending on the response, the number of panels or tables per exhibitor may have to be adjusted to accommodate everyone. *Rack panels are 36” wide by 74” high.  Paintings and photos must be placed a minimum of 6” apart on all sides.  Hanging art cannot exceed 34” wide, including the frame.    **Tables are 3’x3’ and 6’x2.5’

Works are permitted to be sold during the show. Please note, works sold during the show must immediately be replaced by another work (work must be ready for display and appropriately labeled).

Please return completed the registration form to The Lake House front desk or email jmogus@sipoa.org by Friday, February 8.

Due to limited space, NO registrations will be accepted after February 8.  No walk-ins will be permitted.

To participate, please return the registration form to the front desk of The Lake House by February 8. Registration forms were included in your Annual Meeting packet and are also available at The Lake House.

Thank you!