How to Volunteer for a SIPOA Committee

First, to all Seabrook Island property owners, if you haven’t voted for the 2019 SIPOA Board and Nominating Committee candidates yet, please do so now.

With the election materials property owners received either online or in hardcopy, they also received the description of the various committees and the Time and Talent sheet.  As you know, volunteerism is the backbone of our community.  So many of us bring our skills and hard work to committees, schools, churches, medical and social service organizations.  Now’s the time for property owners to volunteer for SIPOA committees.  The SIPOA committees will be organizing shortly after the 2019 SIPOA election of new Board members and the assignments of committee chairs are made.  To help you decide which committee(s) you’d like to apply to, below you’ll find the descriptions and time commitments for each committee.  Once you’ve had a chance to review the information, you can click here which is the link to the Time & Talent sheet where you can submit your application to serve on a SIPOA committee.

Tidelines Editors


AUTHORITY OF COMMITTEES IN GENERAL: Generally, committees act in an advisory capacity to the Board, except when specifically delegated the authority to act on behalf of the Board, and make formal recommendations to the Board upon affirmative vote of the committee members present at a meeting at which a Quorum is present.

APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS AND VICE CHAIRPERSONS: As soon as practicable after the Annual Meeting of Property Owners, the President shall appoint Directors to serve as chairpersons and vice chairpersons of the standing committees, subject to the approval of a Majority of the Directors present at the first regular meeting at which a Quorum is present.

APPOINTMENT OF STANDING COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Committee chairpersons shall select and appoint the members of their committees from among Property Owners in Good Standing, or their spouses, or Declared Domestic Partners, or holders of an equitable or beneficial interest in Property owned by an Entity that is a Property Owner in Good Standing, and shall promptly notify the Secretary of the appointments. Committee members serve at the pleasure of the chairperson; provided, however, any committee member may at any time be removed by the Board at its sole discretion. Each standing committee includes two (2) or more Board members, including the chairperson and vice chairperson.


Architectural Review Committee:
The Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”) serves as the duly appointed representative of the Board and, as such, it shall be responsible for the review of all plans for construction, landscaping and external improvements to Property, and any changes to same, and shall have the functions, responsibilities and authorities as provided in the Protective Covenants and as otherwise determined by the Board. The ARC shall also have responsibility for developing and administering, subject to Board approval, the policies and procedures set forth in the publication, Seabrook Island Property Owners Association Policies & Procedures for Residential Development, and to impose monetary or other sanctions for violations thereof. The ARC shall also hear appeals in matters within its jurisdiction.

Time Commitment:
The ARC meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at the SIPOA Administrative Office. Meetings last an average of four hours. Several days prior to the meeting, committee members receive copies of plans to be presented and other meeting materials. They then visit each building site and physically inspect it to evaluate the site and proposed structure in relation to adjoining homes and the neighborhood. The total time commitment is approximately 16 to 25 hours per month (8 to 12 hours in months when only one meeting is held). The committee is composed of five (5) members plus two (2) members of the Board of Directors, and unless otherwise specified, the five non-Board ARC members serve three-year terms.

Elections Committee:
Prior to the Annual Meeting of Property Owners, a three (3) member Elections Committee consisting of Property Owners in Good Standing or spouses or Declared Domestic Partners of such Property Owners, or holders of an equitable of beneficial interest in Property owned by an Entity that is a Property Owner in Good Standing, not on the Board or Nominating Committee, shall be appointed by the President subject to the approval of the Board to verify and certify the validity of ballots cast and tabulations of votes cast for elections or on any other matter voted on at such meeting or ballots in any Referendum. The Elections Committee shall report its findings to the Secretary as soon as practical following a Referendum or the Annual Meeting or special meeting at which a vote is taken. The Elections Committee shall also be charged with the authority and responsibility to approve the Annual Meeting minutes. The term of the Elections Committee shall expire upon appointment of its successor.

Time Commitment:
The time commitment for the Elections Committee consists of an organizational meeting in January, followed by working several hours a week for approximately four weeks tallying votes in preparation for the Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting, Election Committee volunteers assist in providing replacement and substitute proxy cards to Property Owners who have not voted or desire to change their votes. In addition, this committee may be called upon to assist in other elections as necessary during the year. These duties would involve counting referendum ballot votes for several hours a week for approximately three weeks.

Environmental Committee:
This Committee shall advise the Board on matters relating to the beach trust area, revetments, wildlife, plants and trees, marshes, lakes and other matters relating to the environment. It shall develop and recommend to the Board policies for environmentally sensitive areas. It shall participate in other activities that fall under the jurisdiction of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and the Bureau of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and other such governmental agencies as may have jurisdiction over the environment of Seabrook Island.

Time Commitment:
The Environmental Committee meets at the SIPOA Administrative Office once per month for approximately two hours, usually on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. There are several subcommittees that meet as needed at a time and place convenient for the majority of the subcommittee members. Estimated total time commitment, depending on subcommittee participation, is six to ten hours per month.

Finance Committee:
The Treasurer shall serve as chairperson of the Finance Committee. This Committee shall:

  1. (i) Establish procedures for and implement the preparation of a budget for the ensuing fiscal year and shall recommend an operating budget and capital expenditure and capital reserve budget to the Board based upon the estimates from the various committees and/or operating components reporting to the Board.
  2. (ii) Establish procedures for measuring the actual income, expenditures, and cash flow of SIPOA against the budget, and shall report complete financial operations to the Board on a regular basis.
  3. (iii) Develop and publish, at least biennially, a five-year forecast of financial operations, and shall estimate the assessment rates applicable to each class of Property five (5) years into the future.
  4. (iv) Establish and update internal controls to safeguard assets of SIPOA, and shall seek to formulate and implement proposals to impose fiscal responsibility with respect to the operations of SIPOA.

Time Commitment:
The Finance Committee meets each month at the SIPOA Administrative Office for two to three hours. During annual budget development (August through November), the committee has six to eight additional meetings to review proposals for the operating and capital budgets. Finance Committee members are expected to participate in at least 75% of the scheduled meetings.

General Operating and Maintenance Committee (GOMC):
This committee shall develop, recommend, and arrange for the implementation of policies and programs for the maintenance of common property owned by SIPOA, such as, but not limited to, buildings, roads, bridges, parking spaces, storm drainage systems, signs and street lighting. The committee shall make recommendations to the Board regarding acceptance of roads, bridges, drainage easements and other structures that have been constructed within the SID. The committee shall be responsible for long-range planning of major maintenance relating to roads and drainage and other common properties. The committee shall oversee the development of specifications, requests for proposals and the review of bids for projects within its jurisdiction.

Time Commitment:
The GOMC meets at the SIPOA Administrative Office once a month for approximately two hours, usually on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, to discuss projects that are being planned and are underway, review priorities and discuss work specifications. During annual budget development (August through November), additional sessions may be held as needed.

Legal Committee:
This committee shall serve as the SIPOA’s liaison with its legal counsel, and shall coordinate with Directors, officers and other committees upon questions of law, rules and regulations, and Bylaws that may be referred to it by the Directors, officers and other committees. This committee shall monitor all pending or threatened litigation in which the SIPOA is involved or in which it has an interest, and keep the Board apprised of any legal developments of significance or as otherwise requested by the Board. The committee may develop and recommend to the Board policies for review of contracts and for internal audit of all aspects of SIPOA operations. This committee shall also monitor such federal, state, county and town matters, proceedings or legislation that it deems appropriate that may affect the interests of SIPOA or Property Owners.

Time Commitment:
The Legal Committee meets for approximately two hours per month. In addition, and depending on the projects the committee has been assigned, the committee may hold special meetings throughout the year. The attorneys on the committee may be asked to work on contractual matters or rewrites of governing documents, such as Bylaws, Protective Covenants and Rules & Regulations, and as appropriate seek advice from South Carolina counsel.

Long Range Planning and Development Committee:
This committee shall be responsible for developing and recommending to the Board long range goals and strategic plans through study and analysis of anticipated future growth and needs. A detailed report of the activities and plans developed shall be submitted to the Board at least biennially to coincide with the five-year forecast of financial operations produced by the Finance Committee.

Time Commitment:
The committee meets once per month at the Lake House for approximately three hours, usually on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. In addition, subcommittee assignments may require an additional three to four hours per month.

Safety and Security Committee:
The Safety and Security Committee shall develop and recommend to the Board rules and regulations for control of access to the SID, and for the security, protection, safety and welfare of Property Owners and all Persons within the SID. The committee shall develop programs, policies and rules and regulations covering security, fire protection, traffic control, and enforcement of applicable recorded Protective Covenants, as well as Bylaws and duly adopted and published rules and regulations. The Safety and Security Committee shall also hear requests for reconsideration in matters within its jurisdiction.

Time Commitment:
The Safety and Security Committee meets at the SIPOA Administrative Office once per month for approximately two hours, usually on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Subcommittees meet as needed.


The President shall have the power to appoint, with the approval of the Board, such special committees as the President deems necessary or advisable from time to time. Such committees may consist of such Directors and non-Director members as the President deems appropriate; provided, however, any special committee with fewer than two (2) Directors as members may not be delegated authority by the Board to act on behalf of the Board, but may act only in an advisory capacity.

Activities Committee:
As defined in the SIPOA Bylaws, this committee is a Special Committee with a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson recommended by the SIPOA Board President and approved by the Board of Directors. The Activities Committee is responsible for development of Policies, for recommendation to the Board of Directors, with regard to the use of the SIPOA’s Recreational Amenities, including The Lake House and Oyster Catcher Community Center. The committee may at times assist staff in the development of educational, social and recreational activities and events.

The Activities Committee is the “parent” of various specialized committees, (for example, Welcome/Newcomers, Events, and others as determined by the Board), and has a coordination and oversight function relative to these committees. The Activities Committee will make recommendations for development of the portions of the annual budget that support activities and events, including those of its subcommittees.
In the coordination of island activities and events, there may be occasion for the Activities Committee to interface with a similarly focused Seabrook Island Club Committee(s).

Time Commitment:
The Activities Committee meets monthly at the Lake House, usually on the 1st Monday of the month. Subcommittees meet on an as-needed basis. Committee members may be asked to conduct additional tasks for the committee between meetings.

Communications Committee:
This committee is a Special Committee as defined in SIPOA Bylaws, with a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson nominated by the SIPOA Board President and approved by the SIPOA Board of Directors. The committee’s mission is to facilitate communication of information of interest to Seabrook Island property owners and visitors and to do so in collaboration with the Town of Seabrook Island and the Seabrook Island Club. To attain its mission, the committee focuses on identifying emergent communications technologies and other applications to improve real-time access to information and Seabrook Island venues, and improving existing technologies to enhance overall information flow and usefulness to Seabrook Island constituents. The committee also increases the visibility of SIPOA Board, Committee, and Management actions and plans through venues such as Tidelines, weekly E-Blasts and timely alerts, as necessary, website-posted meeting minutes, quarterly Get the Scoop meetings, and The Seabrooker.

Time Commitment:
The Communications Committee meets monthly for two hours, with one of those meetings quarterly in collaboration with the Seabrook Island Club and the Town of Seabrook Island. Subcommittees meet on an as-needed basis. Committee members may be asked to volunteer additional time for research or investigation between meetings.

Rev. 3/2016