SIPOA Planning Committee Meeting Minutes – January 8, 2019

Seabrook Island Property Owners Association
Long Range Planning Committee
Minutes the January 8, 2019 Meeting

Committee Members Present:
Dan Kortvelesy, Chair
Dennis Pescitelli, Vice-Chair
Ellen Coughlin
Sam Dolinsky
Ray Hoover
Bob Leggett
Debra Lehman
Dick Little
Ian Millar
Maureen Shmaydey
Barbara Vincentsen

Staff/Guests: None

The meeting was called to order by Dan Kortvelesy at 9:03am.

A motion to adopt the agenda was made by Dick Little, seconded by Deb Lehman, and was approved.

A motion to approve the minutes of the 12/11, 2018 meeting was made by Ray Hoover, seconded by Lee Weber, and passed unanimously.

Opening Remarks: A review of the Board approval of the 2019 Plan at the December 2018 meeting was conducted. The evaluation process for the 2019 plan will be presented to the new board at its orientation session.

Open ended comments from the 2018 Survey were reviewed during the meeting. The committee discussed topics that may be missed in future meetings and may need attention.

Subcommittee Reports:
Finance: The 2019 budget was reviewed.
GOMC: Survey comments were reviewed.
Safety and Security: None
Mobility: A preliminary report will be presented in February.
Club/Town Reports: None

Agenda/Work Items: The process for presenting the survey results to the Board was discussed. Items that the committee feels should be stressed were presented. Distribution of the Kiawah report to the various Board committees was discussed.

No other actions were taken at the meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at: 10:42am.
The next meeting is scheduled for 2-12-2019.

-Submitted by the Planning Committee