SINHG Visits Downtown and North Beach

SINGH Old Exchange March 2019SINHG trips for the spring season have hit the road, with seven expeditions already completed. Among them was a visit to the newly opened South Carolina History Museum downtown in the renovated and historic “Fireproof Building”. The museum’s fascinating exhibits cover Charleston’s and South Carolina’s military, cultural and environmental history.

SINGH provost jail March 2019
A second visit downtown brought SINHG members to three of the city’s most historically significant sites – the Old Exchange and Provost Museum, the Gunpowder Museum and the Heywood House.


SINGH Beach Walk March 2019
And from the College of Charleston, marine geologist Dr. Leslie Sautter brought SINHG members to North Beach for an on-site presentation on beach and barrier island geology. Quiz question: what gives our North Beach sand its glitter?


-Submitted by Norm Powers, for SINHG