SIPOA President’s Letter – March 2019

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Spring is our favorite season on Seabrook – the hummingbirds reappear, the live oaks lose their leaves, the beach invites regular walks again, the children and grandchildren start to schedule their summer beach time – and SIPOA starts a new operating year.

At the Annual Meeting on February 16th, a new Board was elected, so I’ll use this letter to introduce the major committee leaders. SIPOA works through its committees, and, per our Bylaws, committees are charged with making recommendations to the full Board. Committees are where ideas are worked through, with input from professional staff regarding the feasibility of proposals and likely budget impacts – in short, our committees are where the heavy lifting is done. All of this is done within the framework and priorities of the annual “Comprehensive Plan” and approved budget. We plan the work and work the Plan.

The Finance Committee will once again be chaired by Warren Weber, with Tom Pinckney as his Vice-Chair. Alison Townsley, Finance and Human Resource Administrator, is the SIPOA staff member assigned for support.

The General Operations and Maintenance Committee (GOMC, for short), will once again be chaired by Warren Kimball, with Jaime Geiger as his Vice-Chair. Steve Hirsch, Director of Engineering and Facility Maintenance, is the SIPOA staff liaison.

The Legal Committee is chaired by Tom Pinckney, with Warren Kimball as his Vice-Chair. Heather Paton, Executive Director, is the non-voting staff member.

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC, for short) is chaired by Ray Hoover, with Dan Kortvelesy as his Vice-Chair. Katrina Burrell, Director of ARC and Administration, and Adrea Hughes, ARC/Engineering Assistant, are the SIPOA ARC staff members.

The Environmental Committee is chaired by Jaime Geiger, with Veronica L’Allier as Vice-Chair. Steve Hirsch, again, is the SIPOA staff member assigned.

The Safety and Security Committee is chaired by Penny Lee, with Ellen Coughlin as Vice-Chair. Heather Paton assists this committee, with additional help from Mike Whitlow, Norred Manager for our Security force.

The Long Range Planning Committee (LRP for short) is chaired by Dan Kortvelesy, with Ray Hoover as Vice-Chair. Heather Paton assists this committee.

The Nominating Committee is chaired by Veronica L’Allier; this committee has no Vice-Chair, since the members of the committee are directly elected by the property owners.

The Communications Committee is chaired by Dennis Pescitelli, with Gordon Weis as Vice-Chair. Note that Gordon is not a Director; this is permitted since Communications is not a standing committee of the Board. Shawna Jarrett, Communications Assistant, is the SIPOA staff member assigned to Communications.

Last, but not least, the Activities Committee is chaired by Mike Grabman, with Ellen Coughlin as Vice-Chair. Nic Porter, Director of the Lake House, is the staff member assigned to this committee.

In addition, there’s one special committee created by the Bylaws that needs to be mentioned; the Executive Committee. This consists of the President, Vice-President (Dan Kortvelesy), Treasurer (Warren Weber), Legal Chair (Tom Pinckney) and Secretary (Dennis Pescitelli). Heather Paton is an ex-officio non-voting member of the Committee. We meet irregularly, to act on legal, personnel or contractual matters between full Board meetings.

If you’ve questions about the roles of our committees or would like to submit comments about committee related items, please send an email to and SIPOA staff will relay your submittal to the appropriate committee chair or staff member. We always welcome feedback!

–Submitted by Guy Gimson