Conservation Biologist to Speak at Kiawah

The Town of Kiawah Island is pleased to host a presentation by Dr. Jeff Muntifering on April 15 at Kiawah Municipal Center in Council Chambers. His talk, How Namibians are Saving ‘Their’ Endangered Black Rhino, will begin at 2 pm.

Dr. Muntifering is a conservation biologist for the Minnesota Zoo and works primarily in Namibia helping to save the black rhino.  Namibia is home to over ⅓ of the world’s critically endangered black rhinos, including the last truly wild population.  Learn about the successes of the Desert Black Rhino program, a large-scale, community-based conservation program with interesting parallels to Kiawah’s own community conservation efforts.

For more information about the Minnesota Zoo program, click here. For more information about the program, call 843-768-9166.

-Submitted by Stephanie Braswell Edgerton