SIPOA Annual Survey: 2018 Summary

SIPOA Banner June 2018

Have you heard? Property owners continue to think that the most important attributes of Seabrook Island are the beach and the natural beauty. And that the most pressing issue is flooding and drainage. Not surprising.

As you may remember, back in June 2018, the Seabrook Island property owners completed the 2018 survey. Since that time the Data Gathering and Analysis Subcommittee (DG&A) and SIPOA Planning Committee (PC) have been reviewing the results in order to identify trends and significant results. Comparisons were made given the demographics and the corresponding answers. For the first time, the DG&A committee utilized a sample that reflected characteristics of the Seabrook Island population related to full and part-time owners and single family homes and regime members. The number of responses to the sample survey was 184 out of 200 (92%). This was an excellent response rate for this sample group. In addition, all property owners were invited to complete the same survey which added another 832 responses for a total of 1016 survey responses.

All comments (several thousand of them) to questions were reviewed. Since the survey was divided by committee responsibility, the results of questions and the comments made were distributed to the corresponding chair of each board committee at the annual orientation meeting for their review with each committee. In addition, a final report of the results was submitted to the Board of Directors at the March meeting for comment and review. Overall, there were no significant surprises, no issues that were “new”. Many of the topics that were raised in previous surveys and those missing had been addressed in the recent past.

Going back to the most important attribute on Seabrook Island, over 62% of the sample responses noted the “natural beauty”, “nature”, “natural environment”, “preservation”, “beauty of the environment” and “the beaches”. It is very clear that for most respondents, the environment rates very high as their most important attribute. Other highly mentioned attributes included: “gated community”, “peaceful”, “private” and “privacy”.

This is just a very small portion of the information available. If you are interested, you are invited to review the final report presented to the board. We think you will find it very interesting.

Click here to view the report.

– Submitted by SIPOA Administration