Turtle Patrol Report for the Weekend Ending 6/2

The month of May was a very, very good month for the Turtle Patrol. There were 26 nests by the end of May, far surpassing the previous high of 20.

It was a beautiful morning, with 2 new nests and one false crawl.

Walkers, Joleen Ardaiolo, Beverly Stribling, Joel and Nancy Ponderlik called in with a crawl and body pit near the kayaks. Further down the beach about 150 yards north of the old pier they found another crawl. Mark and Valerie Doane came to investigate. 134 eggs were found in the nest from the first crawl which needed to be relocated near the old pier. The other crawl was probed and was a false crawl.


Further up the beach Walkers Bob Mason, Veronica L’Allier, Teresa Smith (Veronica’s sister). Susan Watts (Veronica’s sister-in-law) and Ginger Seabrook called in with a crawl behind the yellow house. Bill and Linda Nelson responded and found nest 22. The 121 eggs were relocated a few yards away behind the Nelson’s house at a little higher elevation above the tides.

Walkers, Heather Fife, Charlane Faught, Paula Baram and Brad Masteller reported a crawl 75 yards north of boardwalk 7. Tim Morawski and Terry Fansler responded and after extensive probing and some shoveling, Tim found nest 24.



Walkers Callie Boccaccio, Terry Fansler, Gloria Reynolds, Chris Czander, and Brenda Zack called with a crawl at the first house under construction just past the Pelicans Nest. Judy Morr responded and found Nest 25. It was left in situ.

Nest #26 today! Walkers Alison Bowers, Sandy MacCoss, Martha Goldstein and J-Anna Smith were the lucky Walkers to find yet another crawl all the way to the spit. Valerie and Mark Doane responded. The 152 eggs were moved to higher ground.

Rachel and Marshall Carter and their daughters found a crawl between Boardwalks 5 & 6. Mark and Valerie Doane probed and the first Sunday nest on Zone 3 was found! Nest 27, with 139 total eggs, was relocated to a spot above the high tide line.

-Submitted by Gary Fansler

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