St. John’s Fire District Safety Tips

Deputy Fire Marshal, Stephen Mantie, has been firefighting and talking to people about fire and life safety for 28 years.  Here are some of the tips he thinks everyone should follow.

  • Check your fire extinguisher’s expiration date and don’t locate it under the sink but near the exit.  You are more likely to be able to get to it there and still get out in time.  But remember – do not use them unless you are properly trained in their use!  Life safety comes first. Make sure you dispose of expired extinguishers properly.  Some brands may be refilled. You can google where to take them.
  • Check your carbon monoxide alarms monthly.  It should beep 4 times twice if it is operating properly.
  • The St. Johns Fire District makes the rounds regularly to check on smoke alarms.  If they are in your area thank them. The StJFD will also come to your house on request to check for safety hazards.
  • Consider sleeping with your bedroom doors closed.  Closed doors block smoke and toxic gases.
  • Close your doors when you leave the house.  Fire needs air.
  • When cooking, pay attention.  Don’t get distracted by your electronic devices.  Set timers.
  • Know your home.  How many steps is it from your bedroom to your front door?  In an emergency, you might not be able to see.
  • Check your smoke alarms once a month.  They will beep 3 times twice when tested if they are operating properly.  Consider getting ones with lithium batteries which last up to 10 years, which is also the life of the smoke alarm.
  • Remove trip hazards in the house and acquire night lights with battery back-ups and motion detectors.
  • Make sure your home is grounded as protection from lightning strikes.
  • As personal balance becomes an issue, make sure you have an ADA approved grab bar in place, particularly in the bathroom.

For more information check out the St. John’s Fire District website called “Citizen Safe” at or call 843-559-9194.

-Submitted by Richard Siegel, Tidelines Staff Writer