Turtle Report For Week Ending June 23

Monday, 6/17
We have 5 new nests! Plus, the false crawl from 6/7 became a nest.
Beverly Stribling called with a crawl 60 yards north of the vehicle entrance to Camp St Christopher. The Nelsons responded and found Nest 51. The nest was left in situ with Bill and Beverly installing the nest protection while Linda handled the recording tasks. All existing nests were fine.

Veronica L’Allier, Ginger Seabrook and Bob Mason called with a crawl between the second and third house north of the club. The Doanes responded and found Nest 55.
Sue Thomas, Gary Holtz, and Catherine Scully called with 4 crawls. The first was a crawl 150 yards north of Boardwalk 6. The mama crawled over the false crawl flag from 6/7. Bill Nelson found Nest 54. Examination of the eggs showed them to be older. It was the nest from 6/7 and it was left in situ. Twenty-four inches away in today’s crawl, Bill Greubel found Nest 56. Both nests were left in situ with the nest protection being overlapped and buttoned up with the help of David Holtz. The Walkers then called with a crawl 125 yards north of Boardwalk 4. A beachgoer told them the Loggerhead had just gone back to sea. Bill Greubel found Nest 53 with 110 eggs which were moved to higher ground. Nest 52 was found by Bill Greubel at the crawl 300 yards south of Boardwalk 2. It was left in situ.
Whew!! What a day.

Tuesday, 6/18
Walkers, Christine Dudzik and Tom Lamb called in first with a crawl about 100 yards past the old pier. Tim Morawski investigated this crawl and found nest 57. It was left in situ.
Walkers, Bill and Linda Nelson, Tory Kindley, Ginger Seabrook & Jackie Smith found a crawl between boardwalks 2 and 3. Bill and Eileen Middleton came to investigate and found nest 58. The eggs were moved to a new location above the high tide line.

Wednesday, 6/19
Leslie & Tony Gore, Bill & Susan Miller & Carol Lovejoy, walking on Zone 1, called in the group’s first crawl just past the vehicle entrance to Camp St. Christopher. They marked the area and continued their walk. Terry Fansler, Sandy MacCoss, Jane Magioncalda, and Mike Vinson were the Probers of the day and were sent to investigate. Judy Morr joined them later. They all probed and Judy found nest 59. The nest was relocated to higher ground.

Sandy MacCoss & Jane Magioncalda went back to the beach Wednesday afternoon to probe further on the crawl found 100 yards south of the cross on zone 1. They found nest 60! They relocated the nest to a safer location.

Thursday, 6/20 
Another busy morning on the beach. Walkers Lucy and Ray Hoover and Chris Palmer called first with a crawl 20 yards past the vehicle entrance. The Middletons responded and found Nest 61. With the help of the Walkers, the 111 eggs were moved directly behind the original nest, higher on the dune. The Walkers continued in their walk and found another crawl 300 yards past the old pier. Judy Morr responded and found Nest 62. Again, the experienced Walkers moved 107 eggs to behind the old pier.

Walkers Carol Ann Hoffman, Jim Lawrence and Patty, Kevin, Angela, and Brandon Foltz then called with a crawl all the way to the end on the Kiawah River side of the beach. After 2 years of walking, the Foltz’s got their first nest when Tim found Nest 63! The 89 eggs were moved to their new home 50 yards south of the first dog sign with the help of the happy Walkers.

Friday, 6/21 and Saturday, 6/22
All quiet, no activity.

Sunday, 6/23
Rick Segal reported a crawl with a body pit near the old Danger sign. Valerie and Mark Doane came to probe and discovered Nest 64, which was left in situ. The Walkers this morning were Rick and Francie Segal and Karen Williams. This was Karen’s first crawl and nest, congratulations!

The Carter family and Marshall and Lisa Hand found a crawl just south of Boardwalk 5, which Bill and Eileen Middleton probed. They found Nest 65 which was also left in situ.

-Submitted by Gary Fansler

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