Seabrook Island 4th of July Parade

Bikers lead the way

The weather cooperated with our plans—that is, if you don’t mind a bit of heat and humidity. First “in line” in the parade were cyclists of all ages, cheerful and energetic even as they neared the end of the route. They were a kaleidoscope of red, white, blue, and sparkles! Next up was Mayor Ron Ciancio, followed by a trailer with SIPOA Board members and families.

A long and colorful line of vehicles followed. Some represented island organizations–Seadogs, Turtle Patrol, Dolphin Education Program, WaterWise, Garden Club, and SI Birders, to name a few. Camp St. Christopher’s float was topped by a patriotically colored seagull and carried Campers in its trailer. Next were members of Town Council, followed by flamboyantly decorated family vehicles, floats, and antique vehicles. The Z-Brookers joined up just for the parade, driving as a group in their decorated red, white, and blue Z3 BMWs. Betsy Ross was with us, too, stitching her 13-star flag.

The route was lined by Seabrookers’ families and guests, all in a party mood and shouting greetings. Some floats took an opportunity to help the spectators cool off with squirts from their water guns… and some spectators took an opportunity to return the favor. It was a fun time! Thanks to all who participated.


-Tidelines Editors

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