Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol Report for the Week ending July 7th

The record number of nests in a season has been broken! The previous high of 75 nests was set in 2015. We are currently at 78 nests and expect several more.

Monday, 7/1
July started off with two nests.
Walkers Joleen Ardaiolo, Bevy Stribling and Nancy and Joel Pondelik called in with two crawls 100 yards and 70 yards north of the old pier. Bill and Linda Nelson responded and found a nest at each of the two crawls. The nests were up in the grass and both were left in situ. These are Nests 72 and 73.

Thursday, 7/4
Happy July 4th! One mama enjoyed the fireworks and left us Nest 75. We have tied the all-time record set in 2015!!
Walkers Mimi Montague, Karen Preston, Pixie Hider and Lynne Madison called with a crawl just north of Boardwalk 6. The Middletons responded and found Nest 75. It was able to be left in situ.

Saturday, 7/6
Today we broke our all-time record, Nest 76 was found!!
Bill and Pat Greubel and Alexa Kinne spotted a crawl just north of Boardwalk 6. It was probed by Terry Fansler, Sandy MacCoss, Jane Magioncalda and Mike Vinson. Mike found the nest! It was left in situ.

Sunday, 7/7
Valerie Doane called in a very long and meandering crawl going way into the myrtles 150 yards south of Boardwalk 2. Valerie and Mark Doane stayed to probe and found nest 77 with 144 eggs. It was relocated to an area 175 yards south of Boardwalk 2. Rachel and Marshall Carter and their girls continued walking and found tracks coming out of Nest 1. There was still a baby loggerhead making its way to the ocean. Once they saw the baby safely into the water, they returned to help relocate Nest 77.

Meanwhile, Walkers Anna Wechter, Jane Magioncalda, Joe Ficarra, Tony and Leslie Gore reported a crawl just past the Club. Bill and Eileen Middleton probed and found Nest 78. The nest contained 142 eggs and was relocated to an area right behind the 2nd house past the Club.

-Submitted by Gary Fansler