A Special July 4th Celebration Mention

In case you missed it, our Seabrook Island 4th of July parade included the oldest living Seabrook Island WWII Veteran, Mr. Bob Francis, who served in the Marines. Mr. Francis is 94 years old and has lived on Seabrook for more than 20 years. He was accompanied in the parade by his granddaughter Katie Michaels, who is currently serving in the US Navy, his daughter Jill Michaels and another granddaughter Robin Rankins. You may remember seeing Mr. Francis in the back of the pickup truck driven by Seabrooker Chris Quinn. Mr. Francis was waving, cheering and tossing caps with the Marine Corps logo to the crowd. To Mr. Francis and his granddaughter, Katie, we thank you for your service and your presence honored our July 4th celebration.

-Tidelines Editors

(Image credit:  Dieter Lantin and Bill Nelson)