Kiawah Arts Council New Ticketing System

The Kiawah Arts Council is upgrading its ticket software to better serve you.

Over the past year, the Arts Council has been overjoyed to see record registrations for their events. In an effort to make each event accessible to those who most want to attend, they will be utilizing a NEW online-only ticket system and charging a $10 fee for more events in the 2019/2020 season which begins in July 2019. They believe these changes will improve the experience for all attendees. Tickets will no longer be available through the Kiawah Island Town Hall.

Changes include:

  • Kiawah property owners will have online access to their early release tickets
  • Electronic ticket scanners will replace cumbersome check-in processes
  • All tickets will be purchased through a secure, user friendly online system

To learn more about the changes we are making to the ticketing policy, click here .

Tidelines Editors

(Image credit:  KAC website)

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