Lake House Announces New Fitness Instructor

The Lake House is proud to introduce Stacey Richarson, a new Lake House instructor.  She is from Asheville and the Smokey Mountains areas and has a passion for whole health, fitness, and holistic care.

In her six-plus years in the health and fitness industry, Stacey has established lasting professional relationships by helping others attain their fitness and healthier lifestyle goals.

Stacey is an AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor with a bachelors degree in nutrition. She specializes in a variety of fitness regimens including stretching modalities, balance/flexibility, mat Pilates, barre, weight lifting, HIIT, aqua aerobics, and health and wellness coaching.

Stacy’s  fitness philosophy is “To be well is a lifestyle, both mind and body.”

Stacey will be offering various workshops and semi-private series at The Lake House beginning in August. See below for two brand new workshops that she will be offering:

New Workshop  – Move Better Fitness
Date: Monday,  August 5
Time: 2:00 pm
Location: The Lake House
Cost: $12

Are you ready to move with more confidence and stability? It’s time to gain that extra step by challenging and improving your core, posture, and balance through functional exercises.

Functional movements are essential components in all stages of life. Providing confidence and greater performance in all activities in one’s daily life while helping to prevent injury is the focus of this workshop. Everyday activities such as lifting groceries, being able to sit and stand, even moving flower pots, take strength and balance.

Moving better is fitness itself! Join Stacey Richardson to gain the functional strength and range of motion that will make all movements attainable.

New Workshop  – Intro to Barre-Inspired Aerobics
Date: Thursday, August 8
Time: 2:00 pm
Location: The Lake House
Cost: $12

Looking for a workout targeting stability, core, and “fine toning” of the arms and legs?

This barre-inspired workout incorporates a combo of postures within the ballet, yoga, and Pilates disciplines to create a well-rounded class of isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. Expect increases in strength, posture, and muscle tone while learning the basics of this effective style of exercise.

For more information or to register, please email Stacey Richardson at Please note, space in the workshops listed above are limited and preregistration is required. There is a maximum of 15 participants. The cost for the workshop is $12 per participant. These workshops are not included in the monthly class pass. The fee will be charged to your Property Owner/ Club Member / Guest Amenity account and there are no refunds. The classes are available to Seabrook Island Property Owners, Seabrook Island Club members, and guests staying on Seabrook Island.

We welcome Stacey Richardson to Seabrook Island and The Lake House Team!

-Submitted by Jamie Mixson