Turtle Patrol Report For The Week Ending July 21

We received two interesting articles about loggerheads setting nesting records this year and how the beaches are becoming crowded with turtle nests (that’s a good thing!)  The first one was a local story published in the Post and Courier, click here to read it.  The second one was given to us by Bradley Phillips and was published in the Atlanta Constitution Journal.  You can read it by clicking here.

Turtle Patrol Report – Week Ending July 21

We’ve now added 17 nests in July bringing us to a total of 88 nests for the 2019 season! We have also inventoried 14 nests. It’s been a busy July.

Tuesday, 7/16
Walkers, Bill and Linda Nelson and Ginger Seabrook called in a crawl between Boardwalks 2 & 3. Judy Morr and Jim Lawrence probed and found the eggs for Nest 83. The nest was relocated above the high tide line.

Wednesday, 7/17
Walkers Heather Fyfe, Paula Baram and Brad Masteller called in a crawl behind the 2nd new house north of the Club. Tim Morawski probed and found Nest 84. The 100 eggs were relocated above the high tide line in the same area.

Thursday, 7/18
We have Nest 85! Walkers Mimi Montague, Karen Preston, Lynn Madison and Pixie Hider called with a crawl between Boardwalks 2 and 3. Bill and Eileen Middleton responded and found Nest 85. It was left in situ.

Saturday, 7/20
Alexa Kinne found a crawl just south of Boardwalk 5. Sandy MacCoss and Jane Magioncalda probed and found Nest 86. The 63 eggs were relocated just above the original nesting site.

Sunday, 7/21
Walkers, Jane Magioncalda, Joe Ficarra and Anna Wechter called in a crawl right next to Boardwalk 9. Valerie and Mark Doane probed and found Nest 87, which was relocated 50 yards south of the cross in front of Camp St Christopher.
Walkers Mark and Valerie Doane, Nevi and Rachel Carter found a crawl just north of Boardwalk 6. The Doanes probed and found Nest 88. The 105 eggs were relocated 40 yards north of Boardwalk 6.

-Submitted by Gary Fansler