Hurricane Dorian Update

Hurricane Dorian remains a category 1 hurricane. Current forecasts project that it may reach category 4 strength as it gets nearer to the coast of Florida. Current track forecasts project a turn northward after landfall at Florida with the potential for causing heavy rains and flooding in Georgia and South Carolina. At the current rate of movement of the storm, it is expected that potential impacts for our area will become clearer in the next two days. Residents are encouraged to review their emergency preparedness plans and to begin making preparations with a focus on potential flood impacts.

Charleston County Emergency Management Department remains under “Normal Operations” readiness condition, conducted its first Hurricane Dorian Tri-County Conference Call on 29 August, and will change its readiness condition as circumstances warrant. It is not expected that the Town will change its readiness condition in advance of a change by Charleston County.

Any resident who may require assistance with evacuation or who knows a resident they believe may require assistance with evacuation should contact the Town (843 768 9121) to provide name(s), address and contact information.

-Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island

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