I-26 Evacuation Observations – Sept 3

One of our Tidelines editors drove to Greenville this morning and sent in the following observations concerning the trip that may be helpful if you are planning to use I-26 for your evacuation route:

  • We were able to drive 17 to I-526 to I-26.
  • We were forced onto the eastbound lanes of I-26.
  • We saw lots of officials along the way enforcing entrances and exits.
  • Turning north on I-95 is not an option.
  • When you get to Exit 116 to I-77, traffic in reversed I-26 eastbound lanes will be crossed over to normal I-26 westbound lanes. Traffic on I-26 westbound lanes will be forced to exit to I-77 northbound.
  • Being on the eastbound lanes means there are very few ways to exit and there are no signs to alert you that an exit is available so you have to be vigilant.
  • It’s good to have a full tank of gas, not be hungry and not need a restroom.

According to an article in this morning’s The Post & Courier, there are eight exits from the reversed eastbound lanes available near Ridgeville, Bowman, Orangeburg, and Sandy Run. Drivers who exit the reversed lanes for fuel will re-enter the interchange on the usual westbound lanes until reaching Columbia. Click here to read the complete “How to evacuate on reversed SC highways ahead of Hurricane Dorian” article.

Tidelines Editors

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