Town of Seabrook Island Hurricane Update – September 3

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Hurricane Dorian Update #8
September 3, 2019 – 3:00 PM​

Hurricane Dorian is now a category 2 hurricane and has begun slow northward movement in the vicinity of the Bahamas. Governor McMaster’s evacuation order applicable to the Town of Seabrook Island remains in effect. All residents are urged to heed the evacuation order. It is anticipated that heavy rainfall (6” – 10”) and tropical storm force winds with the potential for hurricane force gusts in our area will begin as early as Wednesday afternoon, September 4th. Rainfall will likely exceed the threshold for flash flooding, and storm surge inundation of 4′ – 7′ is expected. We urge residents to monitor National Weather Service updates for current information on the storm. The coast of Charleston County is currently under a Hurricane Warning (hurricane impacts expected within the next 48 hours). When it arrives off the coast of Charleston, Dorian is expected to be a category 2 hurricane. Berkeley Electric Cooperative has informed the Town that it now contemplates the possibility of pre-emptive power outage to prevent damage to distribution equipment in the event of widespread flooding. The Town will issue notice to residents when BEC confirms that it will take that action. Charleston International Airport will close at 3:00 pm on Wednesday September 4th and, at the earliest, reopen 6:00 am on Friday September 6th.

Charleston County EMS has advised that its personnel will not respond to calls when sustained winds reach 40 mph. As a matter of policy, Charleston County has two advisory conditions for high-span or exposed bridges: when sustained winds reach 30 mph it will declare a condition yellow, meaning high profile vehicles are to stay off those bridges; when sustained winds reach 40 mph it will declare a condition red meaning all vehicles are to stay off those bridges. The Town will issue notice to residents of the active advisory condition. St. Johns Fire District will temporarily relocate equipment to higher ground in contemplation of flooding of Seabrook Island. Residents should expect delays in response while equipment is relocated. Beach Patrol suspended operations on Seabrook Island beaches on Monday, September 2nd at 1:00 pm.

Charleston County Emergency Management Department and the Town remain at readiness status “Storm Impacts Occurring or Imminent”. At the special Town Council meeting held on Tuesday, September 3rd, Council approved Declaration of a State of Emergency by which the Mayor is vested with certain powers to respond to emergency events as set forth in the ordinance (Town Code Sec.2-27).

Town Hall will be closed at 2:30 pm on Tuesday, September 3rd and will remain closed until further notice. Anyone having official business with the Town should plan accordingly. Any resident who may require assistance with evacuation or who knows a resident they believe may require assistance with evacuation should contact the Town (843 768 9121) to provide name(s), address and contact information before closure of Town Hall.

In contemplation of the closure of Town Hall, the deadline for filing Statements of Candidacy for the November 2019 election, now scheduled to expire on September 6, will be extended on a day-for-day basis for the duration of the Town Hall closure.

​​For emergency response, please call 911.
For questions concerning non-emergency assistance during a state of emergency, call the Charleston County Citizen’s Information Hotline (843-746-3900).

​For emergency updates and announcements from the Town of Seabrook Island:

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The next Town update is expected to be afternoon on Wednesday, September 4th.

​​For emergency response, please call 911.

-Submitted by Town of Seabrook Island