TOSI Hurricane Update 12:30 PM Sep 6

Hurricane Dorian Update #14
September 6, 2019 12:30 pm

Hurricane Dorian has passed, and our area is in the clear. Gov. McMaster has lifted the evacuation order as of mid-morning Friday, September 6. The POA has debris removal crews clearing the roads. That task is anticipated to continue through tomorrow and possibly Sunday. Residents should not plan to return to the island until noon Saturday September 7th in order to avoid interfering with POA’s cleanup effort. Many hanging limbs have yet to be removed, and there are still several driving hazards on our roads.

We have spoken with Berkeley Electric, and as of noon today they have crews working on the island. Portions of the island have already had power restored, and Berkeley anticipates that all areas of the island will have power restored over the next 24 hours.

The Town has begun its initial damage assessment which indicates little property damage and some damage to trees.

The Town is now at readiness status “Normal Operations”.

The State of Emergency declared by the Mayor at the special Town Council meeting held on Tuesday, September 3rd has been lifted. Town Hall will reopen Monday, September 9.

For emergency response call 911
For questions concerning non-emergency assistance during a state of emergency, call the Charleston County Citizen’s Information Hotline (843-746-3900)

For emergency response updates and announcements from the Town of Seabrook Island:

The next Town update, if any, is expected to be no earlier than afternoon on Saturday, September 7th, but if circumstances dictate, the Town will issue updates earlier..

-Submitted by Town of Seabrook Island

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