Friday’s Fleming Flash

After a full day of competition, the players are ready for play on Friday, October 4, 2019. The first rounds begin at 8:00 am on Kiawah as well as Seabrook Island. Come and cheer on the players! Highlights include:

Playing at the Kiawah Center:
Terry Cherry playing at 8:00 am
Harvey Hines playing at 8:00 am
Ken Steen playing at 8:00 am
Diane Barker and Tabatha Waddill at 9:30 am
Lindy Small at 11:30 am

Playing on Seabrook Island are:
Paul Tateo playing singles at 8 am
Donna Brown and Janet Faig at 10:30 am
Margie Ann Jones and Judy McLean at 11:15 am
Armand Glassman and Jerry Hanchrow at 11:30 am
Andrea Hines and Gail Warden at 11:30 am
Terry Cherry and Rose Septer at 11:30 am
Harry Polychron and Dennis Scaia playing at 1:30 pm
Rich Goheen and Samuel Miller at 1:35 pm
Ken Steen and Ron Ross playing at 1:50 pm
Mike Kiser and Bret Garnett at 2:00 pm
Kathy Bruce and Judy McLean at 2:00 pm
Robert Cherry and Linda Saver at 3:00 pm
Harvey and Andrea Hines at 3:30 pm
Diane and Jack Barter at 3:30 pm

-Submitted by Patti and Dale Leibach

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