Coastal Carolina Fair – October 30-November 10

The Coastal Carolina Fair is coming to Exchange Park in Ladson, SC for another two week of concerts, competitions, amusement rides for kiddies and adults, tractor driving competition, chili cookout, baking competition and much more!  Click here to buy tickets and check out the line up of converts, events and competitions.

Why does Coastal Carolina Fair exist?

Over $479,000 was awarded to more than 60 local charities and students in the Lowcountry in 2018! In 2019, The Exchange Club of Charleston will award over $501,000 from the proceeds of the 2018 Fair.

From the first fair in 1957 through today, our goals have remained the same:
1. Raise money for local charities, scholarships, and various community needs.
2. Provide the best available family-oriented entertainment for the Lowcountry. All activities and events are chosen to provide acceptable entertainment for all ages.
3. Allow our Corporate Sponsors to present their message to more than 300,000 attendees each year.

So come out, enjoy the fair and support local charities.

Tidelines Editors