Town of Seabrook Island Municipal Election: Candidate for Town Council – Skip Crane

Skip Crane first came to the Lowcountry after Christmas 1994, moved to Seabrook Island less than a year later, and has been a full time resident ever since.  He has over 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience—most of that time leading teams of people from different backgrounds to define and implement solutions to complicated problems.  He has served on various POA committees including Environmental, Safety and Security, and most recently Long-Range Planning where he continues to participate.  In 2014 he designed the 5-year plan for SIPOA’s opinion surveys.  He was also elected to the Nominating Committee in 2016.

Skip is currently a Town Council official serving a second consecutive term.  He has been responsible for Communications and is a member of the Public Safety Committee.  He currently also serves as Chair of the Development Standards Ordinance Review Committee.

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