SIPOA 2020 Election – Board of Directors Candidate – Chuck Cross

Candidate for the SIPOA Board of Directors –
Chuck Cross 

My wife Jean and I have been coming to Seabrook since 2015. After several years of renting we completed and moved into our home on Middle Dam Court in 2017 and are now full time residents with our dog, Bogey. We are Full Members of the Club and enjoy golf and the various social events sponsored by the Club. 

My relevant experience serving on boards is noted below:


  • Currently serve on the SIPOA Finance Committee. 
  • Eighteen Years on the Board of my previous Homeowners Association in the consecutive roles of Treasurer, Vice President and President. 
  • Served on Owner Association Boards for several commercial office parks and homeowner associations for which I was part of the development team. 
  • Currently President and have served as a Board member for 22 years for the Northern Virginia Partnership for Children. This is a 501-C organization established in the mid 90’s by several area businessmen to provide emergency and short term residential housing for women and children who are victims of abuse. 

My forty year career running a boutique commercial real estate firm entailed being able to listen and understand investment objectives from various parties and structuring transactions that addressed the needs of all parties. These same skills can be applied as a Board member responding to the needs of homeowners, regimes, the Town of Seabrook and the Seabrook Island Club. All are integral parts of what makes Seabrook, Seabrook and each entity has individual needs that may sometimes seem to be in conflict. An ability to listen with an open mind is what it takes to keep everyone moving in the same direction. The answer to rising budgets is not always to raise dues but must be balanced with containing costs and analyzing cost/benefits. 

The Seabrook Island Vision Statement notes that “Homeowners control their own destiny”. This is of particular importance to me as SIPOA, as with all Owner’s Associations, is here to support and serve the Homeowners and should always operate with the residents best interests in mind. Too often I hear negative comments about SIPOA. That perception needs to be changed so our residents feel SIPOA is the solution. Rules should be made and enforced with common sense and fines should be levied only as a last resort. Most of us came here to enjoy the natural habitat Seabrook provides therefore protecting and enhancing this environment must be a primary objective. 

Jean and I wake up every morning feeling blessed to live in such a great community. Communities like Seabrook don’t happen by accident. It takes numerous volunteers working on standing committees, special committees, the Board as well as residents who attend meetings and speak up concerning issues that are important to them and the community. Service to the community has always been a part of my life and I anticipate I will serve the community, whether on the Board or on committees, for the foreseeable future.

-Submitted by the SIPOA Nominating Committee