SIPOA Candidates’ Night

2020 SIPOA Candidates Night Jan 2020Over 100 Seabrook Island property owners crowded into Live Oak Hall in The Lake House on January 6, 2020, to meet the candidates for the upcoming election of SIPOA Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee.

A series of questions was posed to each candidate in a round-robin format allowing them to introduce themselves, discuss what motivates them to seek their position, and what skills they bring to that position. Each nominee for the Board of Directors was also asked to state the challenges they see facing Seabrook Island. An array of important issues were identified including climate change, sea-level rise, flooding and drainage, aging infrastructure, an aging population, property values, communication technology, security, and the need for consensus building.

2020 Candidates for SIPOA Board Jan 2020
2020 Candidates for SIPOA Board: (L to R) Chuck Cross, John Kinney, Ian Millar, Joe Penny, Rich Siegel and John Sesody
2020 Candidate for Nominating Committee Jan 2020
2020 Candidates for SIPOA Nominating Committee: Roni Berttucci, Melodie Murphy and Julia Thogmartin

A shout out was offered to the nominating committee for their hard work in presenting such a well-qualified slate of candidates for these important positions in our community. Remember to vote!

2020 SIPOA Candidates Jan 2020


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