SIPOA COVID-19 Update 3 – March 18

SIPOA is following CDC recommendations to protect our residents and employees as best we can.

Staff is working on maintenance projects around the island and in our facilities, while abiding by separation distance and sanitizing best practices. Facilities and equipment continue to be cleaned and disinfected multiple times/day.

Although the Admin office is closed, staff is still working remotely for the most part. Email is still the most effective way to reach SIPOA staff.

SIPOA’s business continuity plan anticipates events such as weather emergencies, and yes, even pandemics. We fine-tune our continuity process during each weather emergency. Although COVID 19 may prove to be more protracted, we fortunately have power and internet, so we’re relying more on technology to help us in our operations. This has also forced us to think of new ways to provide services – especially those that are social, or fitness related. We continue to work on that. More on this soon.

To date, we have not been informed of any cases of the virus on-island or nearby. We appreciate that many island groups have heeded recommendations and cancelled or postponed events of 10 people or more. Please continue to follow all CDC guidelines to protect yourselves and your neighbors.



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