SIPOA COVID-19 Update #8 – March 23


Message from Board President, Dan Kortvelesy

As we continue to deal with the COVID-19 emergency, one soon realizes that we have many neighbors that need our help with routine activities such as shopping and running errands. The question often arises, “how can I help during this time?” A great example of this type of action is the service offered by the “Seabrook Island Village” group. This recently established organization has stepped up again and has asked that I share the following announcement:


During this time of Coronavirus extraordinary circumstances, Seabrook Island Village, Neighbors Helping Neighbors is offering Seabrook Island residents temporary grocery (limited to one time a week) and pharmacy delivery services, at no cost. Current members will be offered a discount towards the renewal of their 2021 membership. The discount will be calculated based on the number of months in 2020 that regular services to members are limited and temporary services are offered to non-members. This temporary delivery service is only for those who are impacted by or at a higher risk for the Coronavirus. Seabrook Island Village will solicit additional, temporary volunteers to support this service.

If you need this service, know of someone who needs this service, or would like to volunteer to help, please call (843) 580-2088 and leave a message. Someone will respond as soon as possible.

People often say that one of the great characteristics of Seabrook Island is that we are a caring community. We hope that over the duration of this emergency, we take the time to reach out to our friends and neighbors to simply ask, “is there anything I can do?” or “are you OK?” This simple act of kindness can go a long way.

Stay safe!

-Submitted by Seabrook Island Property Owners Association


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