COVID-19 Update from Seabrook Island Club – March 31

Hello Seabrook Island Club Members,

With so much continuing to unfold, I wanted to give you a quick update of some operational items of interest.

  1. With Governor McMaster’s decree to close non-essential businesses, including sporting activities that have close contact and shared equipment, I have emailed the sccovid19 team to get clarification on racquet sports, which shares balls.  While golf clubs were not listed as a business that is required to close, I did email about golf and golf clubs also, just to be sure. I should have a response within 24 hours. Until then, as Gov. McMaster stated in his press conference, we will continue as-is.
  2. I have received a few inquiries regarding our staff and, I must say, that our membership is incredibly thoughtful, caring and kind!  We have been cross-utilizing staff in multiple areas to provide opportunities for them to maintain their work hours. We also have continued to be quite busy in racquet sports, golf, and dining, so the working hours have been maintained reasonably well so far.  We will be cross-checking employees’ pay checks to better understand the impact that these recent restricted operations have had on employee compensation. Once we are able to quantify the impact, we will then be able to determine what courses of action are best for our staff, while continuing to be the best fiduciary stewards possible.
  3. Amongst all of this, we are staying up-to-speed on the changes that are taking place, or soon to be taking place, to emergency FMLA, emergency sick time, and unemployment payments/process as a result of recent legislation.  As a management team, our primary focus is to maintain pay rates, benefits and work hours, particularly for our full time staff, while doing our best to maintain the Club’s financial position.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and ongoing support.

-Submitted by Caleb Elledge, CCM, PGA
General Manager/Chief Operating Officer