Turtle Patrol Report Week Ending May 20

Turtle Patrol Nest 6 May 2020Monday, May 18
We have nests 5 and 6!
It was a busy morning on the beach! Bob Mason called with 3 crawls between boardwalks 6 & 7. Bill and Linda Nelson responded to the first crawl which was just south of boardwalk 6. Nest 5 was located and the 132 eggs were moved to a safer location 8 houses north of the Club. Bill Greubel also found a false crawl north of the Club. Meanwhile, Sue Thomas reported a crawl 250 yards north of boardwalk 3 on Zone 3. After finishing his false crawl, Bill Greubel found Nest 6. The 143 eggs from this large mama were moved about 10 feet further back.

Turtle Patrol Nest 7 May 2020Saturday, May 23
We have Nest 7 this morning. Joshua and Amanda Shilko reported the crawl about 300 yards South of boardwalk 9. The eggs were found by Sandy MacCoss and Mike Vincent. The nest was left in situ.


Turtle Patrol Nest 8 May 2020Sunday, May 24
We now have nest 8. Mark and Valerie Doane found the crawl and since they are on top of our prober list for Sundays; they investigated, found the eggs and left the nest in situ. Nest 8 is about 250 yards north of boardwalk 3.


Turtle Patrol Jellyfish May 2020DNR Protocols
The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources relaxed their Turtle Patrol protocols slightly. They are now allowing Walkers and Probers to work in pairs. For more information about Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol go to our website siturtlepatrol.com

-Submitted by Gary Fansler