Getting Fit and Staying Active!

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For your convenience, we have created an online reservation system. The following will be available for online booking:

  • Lake House Fitness Center
  • Lake House Indoor/Outdoor Pool
  • Lake House Group Exercise Classes

If you would like to book an appointment, click here.
If you would like see the list of group exercise classes, click on this link.

We have updated our facilities schedule & guidelines for property owners, visitors and rental guests. You can view them by clicking on this link. If you have visitors or rental guests coming, please be sure to pass on the information.

Our primary goal is to keep residents, guests and staff virus free.  We are trying to accommodate owners, their families and rental guests in a manner that is reasonable and fair for all.   However, the State restrictions impose occupancy limits and health and safety procedures. Please keep in mind that social distancing and personal safety recommendations remain in effect at all times. Also, although facilities are open, the decision to use the facilities is a personal one. Before resuming social activities, everyone is advised to evaluate their health risks, determine the level of exposure they are comfortable with, and take personal precautions accordingly.

SIPOA will have staff stationed at each entry point. We ask for your compliance, patience, and understanding toward other property owners and guests, to allow everyone an opportunity to enjoy our facilities in this challenging time. Please extend the same courtesy toward staff members as we move forward – they may deliver info people don’t want to hear, but are in place to allow us to comply with all requirements for opening facilities.

Thank you!

Tidelines Editors