The Lake House – Fitness Classes and July 4 Parade

Did you know The Lake House is offering group fitness classes up to nine participants in the Live Oak Hall, as well as access to past fitness videos with purchase of the Monthly Class Pass?

Here’s how to register…

For class reservations, please visit and click on “The Lake House Reservations.” Select “Live Oak Hall,” then select the class you’re interested in.

To purchase a Monthly class pass and receive access to past fitness videos, please email Jamie Mixson at

As a reminder, the only available restroom inside The Lake House is the single use, in the Fitness Center hallway. For safety reasons, the social side restrooms and the locker rooms remain closed.

***Please take note that you will need to make a reservation for The Lake House indoor pool. You can access the Property Owners pool and The House outdoor pool with your amenity card.

The Annual Seabrook Island Fourth of July Parade Saturday, July 4!

The Parade will begin at 9:30 am on Seabrook Island Road in the area of Seabrook Village and will complete the loop around the Island on Seabrook Island Road. Everyone is invited to come out and join the fun, either as a participant or as a spectator. If you will be a spectator, please make sure to keep your social distance.

The Parade is made up of both vehicles and bicycles. We encourage you to decorate your vehicle or your bike and join the fun. If you are unable to do that, just show up on Seabrook Island Road to support the participants and be a part of the party.

If you do want to participate in the Parade, please note the following:

* The Parade course is approximately 6.7 miles, and takes around one hour to complete

* Bike riders must be capable of completing the 6.7 miles at a speed of 6 mph

* All bicycles will ride in a group at the front of the Parade

* To register and have your vehicle or bike in the Parade, please email Jamie Mixson at Deadline for parade registration is Friday, July 3 at 12:00 pm

* All Parade participants (bicycle or vehicle) must line up on Seabrook Island Road between The Lake House and the Equestrian Center by 9:00 am

* Any vehicle otherwise allowed on Seabrook Island roads and able to maintain a speed to 10 mph is permitted to participate in the Parade

* All Parade participants, have fun!

* Show your appreciation for our front line workers by waving your red, white, and blue

Thank you for helping us celebrate!

-Submitted by The Lake House

(Image credit: Clipart)