Do You Know…? Pet Manners

Do you know…  Seabrook is paradise for our pets, too?

There are a few rules to help keep our island pet-friendly. For instance, with the exception of service animals, household pets are prohibited from all SIPOA facilities, including pools, pool areas, and enclosures and buildings.

When out and about, household animals must be on a lead when not on their owner’s property:

  • “On lead” and “on a lead” means that the pet is controlled using a physical restraint made of cord, rope, strap, chain or other material effective for restraining the type and size of the pet.
  • The physical restraint is no longer than sixteen (16) feet and must be secured to the animal’s collar or harness.
  • The restraint is continuously held by a person physically capable of restraining the animal.
  • Animals under voice control or under control of remotely-operated devices such as electronic collars are considered to be “off lead.”
  • The Town of Seabrook Island has jurisdiction of the beach below the high tide line and SIPOA has jurisdiction above the high tide line.  SIPOA works in conjunction with the town to maintain the safety and beauty of our beach.  To see the beach rules about pets, click here.

Please remember pet owners or caretakers are responsible for picking up after their pets and disposing of it properly.

These are taken from SIPOA Rules and Regulations, Sections IV. A and IX. A. To see the Town of Seabrook Island Beach Management Ordinance, click here.

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