Let’s Get Up and Go! Getting Up Off the Couch

As seniors, many of us have let our muscles get slack and we pull or push to get up off a chair, toilet, or the couch – – especially if it’s a soft, comfy couch. We may need to practice sitting down or standing up from a chair to get those muscles back in shape. Here’s a short video demonstrating a technique to go from sitting to standing without pulling / pushing. Here is a second video that demonstrates specific exercises that will strengthen the muscle groups used to get out of a chair or off the couch. Take some time to practice these because the more you use these muscles, the better shape you will be in, and the easier it will be to get up off the couch.

If you are hesitant to start trying out these exercises on your own, please contact Jamie at The Lake House (jmogus@sipoa.org) to help you hire one of the personal trainers for a few sessions until you can do these exercises on your own. Also, The Lake House instructors have created a series of video exercise programs to help keep us in shape while use of The Lake House is more limited. Please contact Jamie if you’d like the monthly subscription.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Tidelines Editors

(Image credit:  Google pics)