Turtle Patrol Report Week Ending June 20

There has been a significant increase in large holes dug on the beach and left unfilled. This is a hazard to both sea turtles and humans. Please make sure you fill in any excavations and help remind others to do so.

Monday, June 15, 2020
Thank you to all the walkers who ventured out on a rainy morning.

Kim Neath was surprised she could still see a crawl after over 4 inches of rain. She found the crawl just north of the trash can on North Beach. Bill and Linda Nelson responded and found Nest 29. It was a tough decision, but they decided to move the 140 eggs further back and a little north to a safer location.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Our walkers enjoyed the cloudy, cool morning and they found Nest 30!

Lynda Zegers and Lori Porwoll discovered a crawl near the end of North Beach. Judy Morr probed and found the nest. The 113 eggs were relocated about 200 yards north of the trash can.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Two crawls were reported, one near Boardwalk 4 and the other 5 houses north of the Pelican’s Nest. The first crawl was reported by Judy Morr and the second by Paula Baram and Heather Fife.

Mike Vinson probed the crawl near Boardwalk 4 and declared it a false crawl.

Sandy MacCoss and Jane Magioncalda probed the crawl north of the Pelicans Nest and found Nest 31. This mama laid her eggs in a very shallow nest, the top eggs were only 3 inches from the surface and right on the high tideline. She laid 121 eggs, however, 7 were broken. The remaining 114 eggs were relocated 25 yards further back in front of the 4th house north of Pelican’s Nest.

Friday, June 19, 2020
Walkers Melanie Jerome and Anne Snelgrove reported a promising crawl just south of the Danger sign near Camp St. Christopher. Judy Morr responded and found Nest 32. Due to the tides in that area of the beach, the 118 eggs were moved to a safer location near the boat shelter.

Saturday, June 20, 2020
The first call came in at 6:19 from Joshua and Amanda Shilko. There was a good looking crawl just South of the Kayak Shed for Camp St Christopher. Sandy MacCoss and Jane Magioncalda probed and Jane found the eggs for Nest 33. This smart mama placed them in a nice secure spot and the nest was left in situ. We are not sure what the Shilkos are doing to find so many crawls this year! This was their 5th nest of the year

-Submitted by Gary Fansler