Turtle Patrol Report for Week Ending July 12

Monday, July 6
Melissa Andrews and Sarah Dewey reported a crawl 75 yards past the trash can on North Beach. Bill Greubel responded and found Nest 50 which was left in situ. We’ll have to build a walkway for the hatchlings as the nest is 20 yards over the dune.

Turtle Patrol Nest 50 July 2020

Tuesday, July 7
Our dedicated probers Judy Morr and Mike Vinson braved the rain and returned to North Beach this afternoon to investigate the two crawls reported by Lori Porwoll and Pam Salvestrini during their early morning patrol. Judy found nest 51! The 119 eggs were moved to their new location about 250 yards north of the trash can. Mike gave it a good try but declared the crawl nearest the spit false.

Turtle Patrol Sunrise July 9 2020

Thursday, July 9
Walkers Pixie Hider and Lynne Madison called with a promising crawl 300 yards north of Boardwalk 3. The mama ran into a myrtle, turned and went up the dune. Lots of piles of sand and a big difference between length of in and out. Judy Morr probed and found Nest 52. It was left in situ.

Turtle Patrol Nest 52 July 2020

Sunday, July 12
Karen Williams did a fantastic job finding a crawl south of the Camp St. Christopher vehicle entrance. The mama laid this nest under an escarpment and behind a good bit of wrack. Bill and Eillen Middleton probed and found 59 eggs, 58 were relocated to a safer area just north of the Kayak shed. An unknown visitor took a flash photo of the nesting turtle at 11:00 pm last night which may explain the low egg count.

Turtle Patrol Nest 53 July 2020

Karen Sewell discovered a crawl just south of Boardwalk 6. Sandy MacCoss and Jane Magioncalda probed and found Nest 54. The nesting area was too close to the high tide line so the 126 eggs were relocated further back. This nest ties Karen for the 2020 season lead with 5 nests found.

Turtle Patrol Nest 54 July 2020

Submitted by  Gary Fansler