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Even though it’s possible to venture out in our “new normal,” reading will likely continue to be a favored pastime of Seabrookers. We hope you’ll continue to send us titles. Here is the latest installment from our readers:

Solitary: Unbroken by Four Decades In Solitary Confinement
by Albert Woodfox
A man who spent four decades in solitary confinement for a crime he did not commit tells his shocking story… one that should find wide readership. Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction and Finalist for the National Book Award in Nonfiction. (2019, 433 pgs; Nonfiction)

Sea Level Rise: A Slow Tsunami on America’s Shores
by Orrin H. Pilkey and Keith C, Pilkey
From NPR: [The authors] identify the legal, political and financial decisions required to cope with sea-level rise as it threatens nearly every aspect of American life, including commerce and shipping, the military, tourism and the design and functioning of major cities. The sober assessment questions whether the recent trend toward building resilient coastal communities is even possible. (2019, 208 pgs; Nonfiction)

The Beauty in Breaking
by Michele Harper
Dr. Harper, a high achieving Black woman, operates, literally, in a world populated by mostly white, mostly male doctors. She was drawn to emergency medicine and in her memoir, she shares what she’s learned from her patients and colleagues. (2020, 304 pgs; Nonfiction)

44 Scotland Street
by Alexander McCall Smith
Reminiscent of Maupin’s Tales of the City, McCall Smith’s serialized novel introduces the reader to some interesting denizens of a particular house in Edinburgh. Quintessential McCall Smith with whimsical characters, a location as intriguing and entertaining as any of the characters, this first-in-another-series from this enormously prolific author is delightful. (2005, 325 pgs; Fiction)

We look forward to hearing about the books you or your book club recommend.

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