Hurricane Isaias a Good Reminder

Hurricane Isaias is a good reminder that those of us who live on the coast have a responsibility to be ready for hurricanes. Over the last few years, a number of government and private organizations have published good tips for preparedness. Tidelines began publishing our Hurricane Hints series in 2017. You can find the latest hints and an updated resources guide on our website here. Look for the Hurricane Hints dropdown menu bar.

When severe weather dictates, Tidelines publishes information as we receive it from SIPOA, the Town of Seabrook Island, and other sources. We make every effort not to duplicate posts. If you are a Tidelines subscriber who gets a weekly digest, now is the time to manage your subscription so that you receive posts in a more timely manner. Look for Manage Subscriptions in the menu bar near Hurricane Hints.

If you have friends who are not Tidelines subscribers, please forward this post and suggest they subscribe by going to our website to “Follow” us as offered on the right-hand side of the page.

Tidelines Editors

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