Update from the Dolphin Education Program

Dolphin Education Program Aug 2020

I hope everyone is having a great summer. The spit has been active over the last few weeks with both dolphins feeding and visitors. Hook, KoKo, and Small Nick are just some of the regular dolphins we see there.

Our educators have been at the spit almost daily even in these rising temps to collect valuable data and talk with beach visitors. The educators are very knowledgeable and are happy to share information, answer questions, and point out individual dolphins. We also aim to intercept any negative behavior towards the dolphins that could disturb their feeding patterns. This could include getting too up close and personal or any attempts at feeding them. The dolphins need to feed and any disturbance can cause them to stop. If you’re lucky enough to witness this amazing behavior, we recommend viewing from 45 feet back, keeping voices low, and making no attempt to interact with them. View all wildlife on the island from a safe distance.

The Dolphin Education Program is always looking for volunteers if you’re passionate about conservation, enjoy talking to the public, and love learning! Email Lauren at Kiawahdolphineducation@gmail.com.

-Submitted by Lauren Rust, Dolphin Education Program

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