Turtle Patrol Video for the Week Ending August 16

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During the past week the Turtle Patrol inventoried 12 nests which accounted for over 1,100 hatchlings entering the ocean from Seabrook Island. Instead of providing a detailed breakdown of the statistics for each nest we decided that the link to an amazing video of the hatching of Nest #45 might be a better way to tell the story. This video was shot on the evening of August 16, 2020 by Joshua and Amanda Shilko.

Turtle by Shilko August 2020Joshua and Amanda head up the Pre-Hatch Activity Team for the Turtle Patrol. This team makes sure that the nests that are due to hatch are in good shape and allow the hatchlings a clear path to the ocean. While preparing nest 45 during the late afternoon of August 16, they noticed that there was a hatchling getting ready to leave the nest. In hopes of capturing this on video they set up their new outdoor camera next to the nest. They returned the next morning to find they had captured a full “boil” on video. The Shilkos and the Turtle Patrol invite you to click here and enjoy the video!

-Submitted by Gary Falser

(Image credit: Josh Shilko)

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