Bobcats Need Our Help

Kiawah Island has seen a sharp decline in their bobcat population over the past year. In an effort to protect their endangered bobcat population, Kiawah Island is trying to reduce the use of second-generation anticoagulant (SGA) pesticides. These pesticides are commonly used to control rodents. The Kiawah bobcats have been tested and found to have SGA from eating rodents with SGA.

While Seabrook doesn’t have a Town biologist who tracks animal populations they way Kiawah does, it is likely that our bobcat population is also declining due to SGA pesticides.

Kiawah Island has listed the pest control companies that are Bobcat Guardian Providers and have pledged not to use SGAs. Click here to view the Kiawah Bobcat website to learn more. If the company you use is not listed, please ask them not to use SGA pesticides so we can maintain our bobcat population.

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