Wildlife Reporting

As we all know Seabrookers love the abundant nature and variety of wild animals on our island. The Environmental Committee needs the help of Seabrookers to track changes in the wildlife population through the Wildlife Reporting program. As a result, the Committee has automated the program and keeps adding functionality to Wildlife Reporting.

On the SIPOA website, sipoa.org,  go to Wildlife Sightings, which has links to the Wildlife Reporting form and the Wildlife Sightings Map.  When you make a report and click on the submit button, the form will automatically populate the map with your sighting information.

In an effort to improve our wildlife reporting there is a list of the animals that are residents on Seabrook Island on the lefthand side of the map.  You can go to the map and checkmark those animals you are interested in seeing and where they’ve been sighted on the Island.  You can also un-check those animals you are not interested in so you can focus on those that do interest you.

If you want to see a specific animal, click on that animal on the map to see the comments from your neighbors when it was reported.  In addition, you can enlarge the map on the website to see more clearly what was sighted and where. For example, if you un-check all but the bobcat, you’ll see that we’ve only had one recently reported bobcat sighting.

If you’re reporting an unusual bird, such as the roseate spoonbill, please include the type of bird in your comments.

Thanks to everyone for help in reporting animals on Seabrook Island, and as always, please don’t feed the animals.

Tidelines Editors

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