Decision to Close Boardwalk 8 Stairs Not Made Lightly

SIPOA is always reluctant to change or limit an amenity. According to Warren Kimball, Chair of the General Operating and Maintenance Committee (GOMC), the decision to remove the steps at Boardwalk 8 that led to the beach and water was a careful step-by-step, half-year process. The most complete explanation of why safety factors prompted the removal of the stairs is in the report of the GOMC subcommittee that submitted its findings on 26 May 2020.

The process:
1. After safety concerns were raised at a number of public GOMC meetings, the committee, at its public meeting on April 28, 2020, created a study committee to assess those safety concerns and to look at ways to improve the overall appeal of the Boardwalk 8 site and adjacent property owned by SIPOA between the boardwalk and Club property at the Pelican’s Nest.  (Property between Boardwalk 8 and Boardwalk 9 is privately owned.)

Quoting the minutes of that meeting: “Kimball proposed setting up a subcommittee to study renovation, safety issues, and expansion of viewing amenities at the top of B8 and along the ridge heading toward the Pelican’s Nest. GOMC agreed. Phil Squire, Bill Connolly, and Veronica L’Allier will be the subcommittee.”

2.  That subcommittee submitted its report to the GOMC which put it on its agenda for its public meeting of 26 May 2020.

A video was taken to document the conditions at the base of the Boardwalk 8 stairs at high tide.

SIPOA plans to refurbish the current viewing platform at Boardwalk 8 and is committed to developing proposals for a new boardwalk along the ridge from Boardwalk 8 toward the Club’s Pelican’s Nest.

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