Masks vs Face Shields

The CDC is recommending that we all wear masks in public settings and the Town of Seabrook Island is requiring the wearing of face masks in all business establishments and all the beach boardwalks that are within the town.

The use of face masks is to protect ourselves as well as others from catching the COVID-19 virus. That being the case, wearing a face mask is uncomfortable, especially for long periods of time or exercising indoors. They are hot, fog up your glasses, and may make it difficult for one to breathe.

Many people are looking for alternatives to the face mask and one alternative seemed to be a face shield. Unfortunately, wearing a face shield may not be enough protection from catching the virus. A recent article in The Post & Courier indicates that a face shield is not sufficient protection. Unless you purchase one that completely wraps around your head, droplets can escape from the sides and bottom of a face shield.

SIPOA is participating in the MUSC Back2Business program. This program was set up to help businesses navigate the best practices to keep their sites as safe as possible during the pandemic. In a recent visit to The Lake House, they recommended that the face shield be worn in conjunction with a face mask, but not alone.

Here are a few websites about face masks and face shields:

  • The Post & Courier article from Sunday, September 7, 2020, click here.
  • Currents article about MUSC Back2Business, September 2020, click here.
  • Town of Seabrook Island mask ordinance, click here. 
  • CDC recommendations for wearing masks and face shields, click here.

Be aware and be safe for yourself and others.

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