Exercise at Home – Fourth Installment

The Lake House is releasing YouTube videos that they have made to show how different exercises can be modified to meet the needs and abilities of different people.

If you are not comfortable going into The Lake House, rather than avoiding exercises, you can do them from home. Mark Durinsky, Lake House Personal Trainer, offers hints on how to modify exercises such as squats, pushups, and the plank.  Did you know if you do not have weights, you can use items typically found around your home like water bottles or canned food items?

These videos are only 4 or 5 minutes long and demonstrate how different exercises can be adapted for anyone wanting a less difficult workout or those who would like to start exercising again.

Check out this new video. It includes the following 3 exercises that can be done standing or seated: High Pull to Calf Raise, the Good Morning, and the Wood Chop. Click here.

Here is a list of the previous videos:

  • This video goes into the many reasons why you should start an exercise program. Click here.
  • In this video, Mark demonstrates 3 exercises that have various modifications so you can start your exercise program today. Click here.

  • In this video, Mark shows 3 more exercises with modifications to add to your beginner exercise program. Click here.

-Submitted by Jamie Mixson, Manager, The Lake House