SIGC Announces April 9 Meeting – Milkweed & The Importance of Butterflies as Pollinators

The state of butterflies reflects the health of America’s grassland habitats and its pollinators, and they are in trouble. Monarchs in particular have seen an estimated 90% decline over the past two decades due to the loss of habitat, land development and the widespread spraying of weed killer. Find out how you can help by joining the Seabrook Island Garden Club’s Friday, April 9 Zoom meeting with Chris Burtt, Urban Horticulture Extension Agent & the Master Gardener Coordinator for three counties including Charleston. ( There will be a short business meeting at 9:45 am and Chris will begin his presentation at 10:00.

Chris will discuss how native milkweed and other nectar sources are vital, providing butterflies with breeding habitat, resting and refueling way stations during migration and food at the overwintering sites. Supporting butterfly habitats also helps the environment. Like bees, butterflies are plant pollinators, and they provide population control for a number of plant and insect species by eating them.

Don’t miss this important final meeting of the year. We will send out a Zoom link before the April 9 meeting.

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-Submitted by Cindy Zock

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