TOSI Requests Input on In-bound Mix-Use Path

The Town of Seabrook Island maintains two joint use pathways on Seabrook Island Road. The pathway on the inbound lane is approximately five (5) feet in width and runs from Bohicket Marina to Landfall Way. The pathway on the outbound lane is approximately ten (10) feet wide and extends from the SIPOA security Gate all the way to Freshfields Village. 

In an effort to identify and address safety issues along both pathways – particularly those related to pavement condition, flooding, visibility and accessibility – Seabrook Island Town Council commissioned a study by a local engineering firm, ESP Associates, in the fall of 2020. Their findings were summarized in Mixed-Use Path Evaluation report which was provided to Town Council in March.

Members of Town Council reviewed and discussed the consultant’s findings and recommendations during its Ways & Means Committee meeting in April. While Town Council expressed its commitment to maintaining and upgrading the outbound pathway between the SIPOA Security Gate and Freshfields Village, concerns were expressed about the cost-effectiveness of continuing to maintain the inbound pathway, particularly given its age, susceptibility to flooding, pavement condition and limited usage in comparison to the outbound pathway.

Before making any decisions on whether – or how – to proceed with the inbound pathway, Town Council has elected to solicit public feedback on the following three options:

  • OPTION #1: Remove and reconstruct the inbound pathway. Estimated Cost: $267,300
  • OPTION #2: Remove and abandon the inbound pathway. Estimated Cost: $148,500+
  • OPTION #3: Repair the inbound pathway in place. Estimated Cost: TBD

To learn more about each of these options and to participate in our survey, please click here.

-Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island