GOMC Addresses Beach Parking and Boardwalk Upgrades

The General Operations and Maintenance Committee (G.O.M.C) is pleased to announce some improvements and activities intended to address Property Owners comments regarding beach access and beach parking going into the summer season. These two issues are foremost in the minds of Property Owners according to the 2018 and 2020 Property Owner Surveys. 

  • Beach Parking: On a trial basis for the summer, new parking for approximately 12 LSVs will be permitted on property adjacent to Boardwalk 7. This will create additional parking near the beach. New parking and the entrance to the property will be clearly marked before Memorial Day. 
  • Beach Parking: Beginning May 3, parking areas (grass overflow and concrete pad) will be clearly delineated using ropes and stakes at Boardwalks 3A, 3B, 4, 5, 6 and 9. This should assist visitors and residents alike to better understand where they may and may not park. 
  • Boardwalk Upgrade: South Carolina regulatory approval has been received for a seating area and shower station addition at Boardwalk 9. These amenities upgrades will be added when Boardwalk 9 is replaced after the summer busy season. 
  • Boardwalk Upgrade: Boardwalk 3B replacement has begun with an early summer completion date. It is intended that 3B will also be upgraded with a shower station. 

G.O.M.C. has some other upgrades and enhancements in the works so stay tuned for additional updates. 

-Submitted by SIPOA G.O.M.C.

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