Traffic During PGA Week

You may have noticed that traffic is getting heavier as we approach PGA week which begins Monday, May 17, 2021. There are going to be a couple of trouble spots for Seabrookers heading off the island.

Going through the circle in front of Freshfields is taking longer than normal, as cars are coming down Betsey Kerrison Parkway towards Kiawah and Seabrook Islands.

In addition, there is a PGA parking lot on Seabrook Island Road across from the entrance to Bohicket Marina. Our best guess is that a great majority of people will be going into the lot early in the morning as volunteers and spectators will want to get there early. During the day, it will still be busy, but more staggered.

This is going to be a busy traffic week, so you may want to plan extra time to travel to your destination.

If you missed reading our PGA Spectator Guide post, click here. Freshfields is having music each night starting Monday, May 17. To see the schedule, click here.

Also, remember that no contractors are allowed on Seabrook Island from May 20 through May 23.

Tidelines Editors