Turtle Patrol Report for the Week Ending August 8

No “new” nests were found this week, but we now have 73 nests due to the discovery of a previously undetected nest. So far, 20 of our 73 nests have hatched out and inventories have been completed. We will soon begin receiving DNA results from the SC DNR and will be able to share some interesting insights on this year’s nesting sea turtles in the coming week. Remember to watch your step on the beach and refrain from using white lights if you are on the beach at night!

Saturday, August 7 – Nest 73

Towards the end of their walk on Saturday August 7, J-Anna Smith and Marnie Ellis found a large hole near the Privateer Point end of the beach with scattered egg shells. This was declared nest 73, our first “wild nest,” or undetected nest, of the season. This nest was likely laid 55-60 days ago but was below the Spring high tide line and field signs of its creation may have been washed away before they were discovered.

This Week’s Inventory Results

Nest 11 was found by Karen Sewell and Betsy Quinn. It hatched in 63 days.
Egg Shells: 124
Unhatched: 7
Live: 2
Dead: 0
Hatch Success: 86.5%
Emergence Success: 82.8%

Nest 15 was found by Marnie Ellis and Vicky and Bob Becker. It hatched in 62 days.
Egg Shells: 98
Unhatched: 33
Live: 4
Dead: 1
Hatch Success: 75.3%
Emergence Success: 73%

Nest 17 was found by Pam S., Francie S., Mary V., Lori P., Ruby J., and Lynda Z. It hatched in 61 days.
Egg Shells: 95
Unhatched: 24
Live: 1
Dead: 0
Hatch Success: 79.1%
Emergence Success: 78.3%

Nest 22 was found by J-Anna S., Anna W. and Annaliese D. It hatched in 58 days.
Egg Shells: 88
Unhatched: 27
Live: 1
Dead: 1
Hatch Success: 75.8%
Emergence Success: 74.1%

Nest 21 was found by Sandy M., Jane M., and Joe F. It hatched in 59 days.
Egg Shells: 104
Unhatched: 11
Live: 0
Dead: 6
Hatch Success: 74.8%
Emergence Success: 70.5%

Nest 18 was found by JoAnne Lewis and Gail Koornick. It hatched in 62 days.
Egg Shells: 71
Unhatched: 19
Live: 1
Dead: 0
Hatch Success: 57.2%
Emergence Success: 56.4%

Nest 24 was found by Linda and Bill Nelson, Tori Kindley and Pat Tamasy. It hatched in 56 days.
Egg Shells: 130
Unhatched: 10
Live: 0
Dead: 50
Hatch Success: 91.5%
Emergence Success: 56.3%

Nest 26 was found by Carol Ann Hoffman, Nancy Kupersmith, Andrea Daley and Sue Alfiero-Bavasso. It hatched in 54 days.
Egg Shells: 125
Unhatched: 20
Live: 3
Dead: 1
Hatch Success: 81.6%
Emergence Success: 79%

Nest 16 was found by Linda and Bill Nelson, Pat Tamasy, Tory Kindley and Ginger Seabrook. It hatched in 62 days.
Egg Shells: 114
Unhatched: 19
Live: 2
Dead: 0
Hatch Success: 81.4%
Emergence Success: 80%

Year-to-date statistics:
Mean Hatch Success: 71.7%
Mean Emergence Success: 67.4%

For more information about Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol, go to siturtlepatrol.com 

-Submitted by Joshua Shilko